Employee Benefits

Comprehensive Benefits for a Fulfilling Career

At RMH, we care about our employees and their overall well-being. We believe in creating a work environment that not only rewards hard work but also promotes wellness, financial stability, and professional growth. We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the diverse needs of our team.

Health and Wellness

Our commitment to our employee’s health extends beyond the office walls. Our comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance, coupled with round-the-clock employee assistance and personal health care advisor programs, ensures that they can maintain optimal health. We provide paid holidays and paid time off so our teams can recharge and be their best selves.

Secure Futures

We care about our employees’ financial future. Our robust 401K program and annual bonus opportunities are designed to help secure that future and assist in achieving financial goals. We are invested in our employees’ success, today and tomorrow.

Professional Development

The RMH Group operates in a unique and evolving industry. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring our team remains at the forefront of industry developments by prioritizing employee training and professional development programs to help them stay ahead of the curve.