Lockheed Martin Space Operations Simulation Center

Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Littleton, Colorado

The Space Operations Simulation Center (SOSC) provides an ultra-stable environment to develop, evaluate, and test precision instruments and navigation systems used in space vehicles. Sophisticated facilities allow for full- and sub-scale simulations of ranging, rendezvous, docking, imaging, descent, and landing operations—all of which are necessary for the success of manned and robotic missions to earth-orbiting platforms and celestial bodies. The 41,000 SF building contains a 16,000 SF high bay with a robot wing and an air lock, four mission operations centers, two control rooms, a two-story lobby, and support spaces.

The RMH Group’s role for this fast-track project included, electrical/lighting design, lighting modeling, energy modeling, and LEED consulting. RMH met the challenge of spearheading the LEED effort for a project with an accelerated schedule and housing complex, technical spaces not typical for a LEED-targeted facility. The facility achieved LEED-NC Gold certification.

In a related project, RMH’s engineers designed a new 50-foot tall, six-degree-of-freedom robot system used to design and test autonomous spacecraft guidance systems within the SOSC facility. The high-precision robot maneuvers and docks full-scale spacecraft mock-ups with minimal deflection under load. The design included a unique 2,000 psi hydraulic counterbalance system which supports the 36,000-pound mass of the vertical axis platform.

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin Space Systems


Certified LEED-NC Gold