Iron Mountain Data Center Build-out

Denver, Colorado

Mechanical and electrical engineering and planning services were provided for this two-phase infrastructure build-out of Iron Mountain’s (formerly FORTRUST) data center. Iron Mountain offers enterprise data center services specializing in high-availability data center and colocation services. The facility houses Tier III, 36-inch raised-floor space to support state-of-the-art computer systems. The two phases add 32,000 SF of computer room floor with electrical power and cooling requirements exceeding 100 watts per SF.

The electrical systems consist of dual 13.2 kV utility feeds into the building from two separate utility substations. Electrical power is supplied by two circuits in an A and B configuration to each computer rack. The A and B circuits are fed from redundant sources through uninterruptable power and conditioning systems to protect critical computer loads. In case of loss of utility power, backup power is provided by a series of 2.0 and 2.5 MW generators.

Cooling is provided by a closed-loop propylene glycol chilled water system cooled by an N+1 series of 440-ton air-cooled chillers. The raised-floor space is conditioned by chilled water computer room air conditioning units with internal humidification capability. A separate ventilation air system provides pressurization and fresh air to all raised-floor spaces. The cooling system was designed to be expandable to accommodate future phases.