13th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) Central Boiler and Chiller Facility (CBCF)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Fort Carson, Colorado

The RMH Group served as the mechanical/electrical design engineer for a new remote central boiler and chiller facility (CBCF) supplying hot and chilled water to a new 13th CAB Barracks complex (also designed by RMH) and to other buildings being built on the Butts Field Plateau of the Combat Air Brigade site. The CBCF contains six condensing hot water boilers and three 400-ton air cooled chillers. The project included 34,200 feet (6.5 miles) of initial hot water distribution and 30,900 feet (5.9 miles) of initial chilled water distribution. An additional 16,000 feet (3 miles) of additional chilled and hot water distribution is planned for future installation. The project was completed using the design-build delivery method.