STAQ Pharma cGMP 503B Outsourcing Facility

STAQ Pharma

Denver, Colorado

STAQ Pharma is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by producing smaller pediatric-doses of drugs needed for pre-op, operative, and post-op procedures. Within the Colorado startup’s new 18,400 SF cGMP 503B outsourcing facility, adult doses of medication are repackaged into smaller pediatric doses using robotic automation for sterility and precision. The state-of-the-art facility features 5,000 SF of highly automated cleanroom space to help achieve the highest industry standards for sterile-to-sterile repackaging.

The HVAC system supporting the cleanroom suite maintains a class ISO 7 cleanroom environment through the use of a cascading clean-to-dirty room pressure hierarchy and other innovative strategies. The interior of the robotics enclosure maintains an even more stringent class ISO 5 cleanroom environment. To help deliver significant energy savings, cleanroom air is moved and filtered to maintain the requisite air-change rate using minimal fan energy, and automated controls allow the cleanrooms to operate in an occupied “production” mode and an unoccupied, reduced-flow “idle” mode.