McKee Medical Center Remodels/Upgrades

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Loveland, Colorado

Opened in 1976, McKee Medical Center is a 132-bed, acute-care hospital that employs more than 950 health care professionals and support staff. The RMH Group has been providing regular engineering services for McKee since 2006. Projects have focused on adding/upgrading clinical and lab spaces and upgrading building infrastructure capacity to meet increased demand and reliability requirements. Projects to date have included:

Clinical / Lab Spaces

  • New Simulation Lab
  • Endoscopy Remodel
  • Catheterization Lab Remodel
  • Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Digital Room
  • Surgery Air Handling Unit AHU-27

Building Infrastructure

  • Boiler Plant Addition
  • Air Handling Unit Replacement
  • Air Handling Ductwork Modifications
  • Chilled Water Distribution Modifications
  • Steam Piping Distribution Modifications
  • Emergency Generators Fuel Oil Piping
  • Elevator Machine Room Upgrades
  • Corridor Life Safety Modifications