CFD Modeling

CFD Modeling

The RMH Group offers computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling services to accurately simulate air flow of a space prior to initiating full design. CFD modeling helps our engineers determine which HVAC strategies may be feasible and optimal given a project’s unique characteristics. CFD models consider the many heat sources present in a space, including people, computer equipment, and windows, and then determine how these variables may affect heat transfer and air circulation. CFD modeling removes much of the uncertainty from the design process and allows the implementation of more novel engineering strategies to accomplish a task.

We have simulated a variety of spaces using CFD modeling including laboratories, visitor centers, data centers, and classrooms. The information yielded from this modeling has produced systems that are more energy efficient and effective at conditioning spaces than would otherwise be possible.

• CFD Modeling for Data Center Cooling

• CFD Modeling for Space Ventilation

• Process Fluid CFD