District Energy

District Energy

The RMH Group’s District Energy experience encompasses planning and design for several of the largest facilities constructed in the Rocky Mountain region. RMH has engineered chilled water installations with capacities up to 5,000 tons to supply building, process equipment, and computer cooling. heat plant experience encompasses steam and hot water systems. Our precise automation and monitoring systems supervise and control the plant’s operations and its interface with building systems.

Beyond the plant, RMH has designed distribution systems to convey heating and cooling media throughout sites as large as 600 acres. We have been responsible for planning, analysis, and design for nearly every type of mechanical utility distribution, including direct-bury, tunnel, and trench methods.

• Heating and Cooling Central Plant Design
• CHP/Cogeneration
• Campus Distribution System Design
• Pipe Flow Modeling and Optimization
• Heat Recovery and Energy Balance
• Dispatch Modeling


Michelle Swanson, Market Sector Lead

Graham Braly
Talia Cioth
Jeff Elsner
Dan Gabel
Matt Guerin
Dan Sandblom
Michelle Swanson