Civic Center Station

Regional Transportation District

Denver, Colorado

Civic Center Station, which anchors the southeast end of Denver’s 16th Street Mall, serves as a major hub for local and regional bus routes and provides a turnaround point for the 16th Street Free MallRide. In recent years, the aging 30-year-old station that formerly resided at that same location as the new bus transit hub had been experiencing issues related to water leaks from the pedestrian plaza above into the bus station ceiling below. To address these issues and to provide better amenities for local commuters, RTD decided to replace the existing station and to renovate the pedestrian plaza above it.

The new $31-million station is home to three bus bays located beneath the new bus shelter canopies, two partially exposed bus bays, and four bus bays located under the facility. The new bus transit hub also features much improved ticketing and restroom facilities, along with an upgraded pedestrian concourse. The plaza above the station features an iconic canopy that creates better access to adjacent downtown streets and bus stops.

RMH served as the project’s mechanical and electrical engineer.

Photos courtesy of Sam Koerbel – Koerbel Photography