Energy Modeling

RMH’s energy modeling services help clients meet their building energy goals for new and existing buildings. An essential component of a truly integrated design, energy modeling requires close coordination with architects, mechanical engineers, and lighting designers early in the design process. Energy modeling is used to assess how different combinations of technologies and techniques affect a building’s energy performance. Some of these variables include daylighting, lighting efficiency, insulation levels, shading, high-performance windows, and mechanical systems.

The process typically begins with brainstorming sessions to identify energy-conserving technologies and systems integration into the building architecture and purpose. RMH creates simple conceptual designs and cost opinions and then models them. The design team evaluates the results and makes recommendations based on the project lifecycle, function, and budget criteria. The recommendation and alternatives are presented to the client, and the selected option is taken to the next level of design. When more detail is known, the design is often re-evaluated or the energy model re-run to fine tune the system details and to compare the sensitivity of equipment perform-acne criteria to the system efficiency and cost. The critical performance criteria is then identified and used in the design process so reasonable measures are taken to allow commissioning of the system and monitoring of the results.

The RMH Group is an NAICS 541330 Small Business.