Historic Renovations

Historic buildings frequently serve as cherished structures to resident communities and organizations. Their unique architecture can symbolize long-held principles and traditions, as well as evolving aesthetics that represent a specific time and place. The RMH Group has worked on a wide array of historic facilities, each with their own unique design elements and historic value. The commonality among these projects is that their owners always seek to preserve the individuality and character of the structure while delivering modern amenities, reliable and robust infrastructure, and dependable life safety systems for its users.

While many of these historic structures were cutting-edge at the time they were built, they sometimes lack updated technologies such new or upgraded cooling systems, energy-efficient lighting, programmable/customizable environmental controls, and code-compliant fire protection systems, as well as robust electrical and cooling infrastructure to serve computer workstations, data centers, and other high-demand electronic devices. RMH engineers work closely with owners and architects to meet these enhanced requirements, and, in some case, to completely reconfigure a building to serve an entirely new function. The RMH Group’s proven record of success on historic renovation projects is testament to our approach and thorough understanding of the facility owners’ practical, aesthetic, and operations goals.



The RMH Group is an NAICS 541330 Small Business.