Data Centers

Requirements for highly reliable power and cooling systems make high- and low-density data centers among the most challenging facilities to engineer. RMH has met this challenge by successfully designing infrastructure for data centers for the technology, research, finance, and defense and security sectors, to name a few. Each design starts from the unique attributes of the computing equipment to be installed and the facility’s tier classification for reliability. Our portfolio includes electrical packages for power loads as dense as 400 watts per square foot. These designs address redundant service and distribution, standby power with paralleling switchgear, UPS, isolated clean power, and leading power factor considerations. RMH engineers have applied such cooling strategies as spot cooling, hot and cold aisles, raised-floor distribution, and overhead distribution. Equipment is safeguarded with multi-layer fire protection systems.

Xcel Data Center Efficiency Program

RMH has been pre-approved by Xcel Energy to provide studies through Xcel’s Data Center Efficiency program, which is designed to help IT managers adopt energy-saving practices for new and existing data centers. If approved, Xcel Energy can help fund up to 75% of the cost of a study, not to exceed $25,000. For more information, please visit the Providers List on Xcel Energy’s website.


The RMH Group is an NAICS 541330 Small Business.