Articles & White Papers

    • Today’s Electrical Contractor
      Colorado Design and Construction, Winter/Spring 2017
      Quoted: Max Billington, P.E., Chief Electrical Engineer, The RMH Group
      How regularly changing energy codes affect electrical design professionals
    • Barracks Complex Raises the Energy Efficiency Bar for Military Housing
      ACEC Engineering, Inc., March/April 2017
      Quoted: Bill Green, P.E., DBIA, President, The RMH Group
    • Impact of Stack Effect on Building Static Pressure Measurement
      ASHRAE Journal, October 2016
      Richard Fahnline, P.E.
      A new methodology for measuring building static pressure to allow mechanical engineers to better control building pressurization and reduce occurrences of outside air infiltration 
    • Supercomputers, Super Efficiency
      ASHRAE Journal, January 2016
      Terry Autry, P.E., ATD, LEED AP BD+C (The RMH Group) and Aaron Andersen (NCAR)
      How the new NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center achieved unparalleled levels of sustainability and energy efficiency
    • Historic Denver Seminary Receives Upgrades
      Building Dialogue Magazine, December 2015
      Rajesh Kaul, P.E., CPD, LEED AP
      Exploring the various challenges and creative solutions to modernize the historic St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado
    • The Power of Revit Filters
      AugiWorld, February 2013
      Joe Fields, PE, LEED AP BD+C
      How understanding the mechanics of filters can help you fine-tune your drawings and improve your models.
    • Understanding View Range
      Augiworld, June 2013
      Jerad Meidinger, EIT
      Get a Helping Hand form Autodesk 3rd Part Apps
    • Industry Protest Corps’ Single-Step Design-Build
      Engineering News-Record, Business Quarterly, February 2013
      Quoted: Bill Green, P.E., DBIA, President, The RMH Group
      Providing an A/E/C perspective to the debate over the merits and pitfalls of single-step D-B procurement as practiced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Green Data Center: Energy Reduction Strategies
      Engineering News Record, Risk Management – Green Building, March 2013
      Quoted: Bill Green, President, The RMH Group
      Understanding the consequences of providing building system performance guarantees
    • Lasting Performance
      High Performance Buildings, Fall 2011
      Mike Kamen, LEED AP
      Office building designed by RMH in the early 1980s continues to meet impressive energy benchmarks