Corporate Responsibility

RMH is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and has a proud history of  giving back to those individuals and groups who have contributed to our success.

We also feel it is important to assist the broader community. To show our commitment and appreciation, RMH has long supported organizations and programs that provide needed services to our community, educate the future leadership of our industry, and promote sustainable practices.

Community Involvement

RMH has been an active member of the local metro Denver community for almost 50 years. We regularly support non-profit organizations and individuals through financial contributions and through volunteering of time and expertise. more>>

Educational Support

RMH recognizes that many well-trained engineering students are needed to facilitate the incredible changes to our buildings and energy systems in the next 20 years, and we continue to support local educational institutions producing the next generation of engineers. In addition, we  believe it is important to assist the schools and programs that have provided many of our employees with needed training to jumpstart their engineering careers.  more>>

Sustainable Leadership

At RMH, sustainability is not a niche market or a sidebar practice, but a philosophy woven into the fabric of everything we do. Sustainability influences what we purchase, the community activities we support, and how we work. Our sustainable workplace practices complement the company’s emphasis on designing energy-efficient, environmentally conscious, and healthy buildings.  We also support many organizations promoting sustainable design, and staff members continue to provide industry guidance on green design practices.  more>>

The RMH Group is an NAICS 541330 Small Business.